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Uh-oh, this can't be good [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2010|01:24 am]
fuck you metroid...fuck you hard
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2010|04:50 pm]
for some reason the library doesnt let me log in to this thing.  that bites
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we will see... [Jul. 16th, 2010|12:18 pm]
so i joined facebook...what the blue hell was i thinking?
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Writer's Block: More than words [Jul. 7th, 2010|02:10 pm]
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Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

several.  first and foremost is Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark
Followed closly by Ayreon's The Shooting Company of Captian B. Cocq
And then there's Orbital's stuff of The Box (Pt. 1 & 2), Halycon+on+on, and The girl with sun in her head
Tool's Sober
Hammerfall's Blood Bound and Heart's on Fire
Enigma's entire album of MCMXC a.D. is a musical masterpiece all to itself
and ManOWar's Son's of Odin
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2010|01:19 pm]
so my thoughts have been wandering as of late. i don't know why, maybe it's all the insanity points i have built up over the years. finally cashed them in for a decent psychosis.

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
With stars to fill my dream.
I am a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been.

alot of nonsensical stuff has been floating through my brain. thoughts of full metal jacket and david lynch films.

To sit with elders of a gentle race
This world has seldom seen.
They talk of days for which they sit and wait
When all will be revealed.

labyrinth and dark crystal done to MST3K while the strangers from Dark City are making asinine comments on life itself

Talk an' song from tongues of lilting grace
Whose sounds caress my ear.
But not a word I heard could I relate
The story was quite clear.

The cast of the blue mousketeers doing the rocky horror picture show at the pantages while actual stage productions have to go to the blue mouse theatere every other saturday and make asses of themselves on that small freaking stage.

All I see turns to brown
As the sun burns the ground.
And my eyes fill with sand
As I scan this wasted land.
Tryin' to find
Tryin' to find
Where I've been.

pink floyd is playing chess with mannfreid mann's earth band on top of the apartment

Oh pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
Like thoughts inside a dream
Who hid the path that led me to that place
Of yellow desert screen.

all the while a meteor storm has hit a led zeppelin concert

My shangri-la beneath the summer moon
I will return again.
Sure as the dust that floats high in June
When movin' through Kashmir.

Oh father of the four winds, fill my sails
'Cross the sea of years (?)
With no provision but an open face
Along the straits of fear. (?)

and this, boys and girls is why drinking five beers followed by two doses each of thereflu and NyQuil is probably a bad idea.  just look at how fucked up of a dream it gave me..

in actuality this is pretty par for the course.
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so one mor on the house [Jun. 29th, 2010|05:03 pm]
another round of beers for the boys. the guard's aint a lookin
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This is what a frothing man cauldroun of Rugged Masculinity looks like [Jun. 26th, 2010|12:53 pm]

Very very conan-esque doncha think?
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2010|11:33 am]

so a slight shift in bookishness here. insted of being an all ages guide to Sakura con, i decided to go "hell with it" and make it a guide to Pure Gonzo Convention Attendance.

Now this is probably going to be shot down, blocked off or i am going to be told not to do so.  but either way it should be fun.

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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2010|12:48 pm]
could somebody enlighten me as to how i got the job of fixing someone elses Psycological and emotional baggage?
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(no subject) [Jun. 4th, 2010|12:29 pm]
and now it is playoff time...and the Nemesis are going to have their collective asses handed to them.
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